Saturday, December 23, 2006

Blogger final tonight

Yeah, finally,

Blogger tour final is on tonight.

I really want to win the ipod at least, and who knows what more....

I wish all players good luck,


Sunday, October 29, 2006

Blogger Tour Event 3

Blogger Tour Event 3: My first non -drunk blogger event.

And guess what.. I ended 9th out of 101 :D.
Final table didnt last too long me though, i was very short stacked.
With 5950 in chips with blinds at 2000 and 1000, i had to make a move soon.
When i got A9 suited in late position, i pushed, but i ran into JJ and they held up.

So i ended up 9th, which is great for my leaderboard.

I think ill be on top of it now, but well see after the results are online.

Bye Peter

Monday, October 09, 2006

Blogger Tour Event 2

Being eliminated on the bubble sucks...

I was out on 11th place in Blogger Tour event 2. It was an nice tournament and i enjoyed it alot. Next time ill trye to play these event without being drunk though haha.

Saturday night 10 o'clock is just no time to play poker for me, but i gotta hangon these weeks.

Im still at 2nd place in the leaderboard, so im doing ok!

My cash games and sit and go's are going quite well too, so im doing good.

Up to next blogger event!

Hi Peet

Monday, September 25, 2006

Back at the tables

After an short break to sort things out (lost about 150 dollar on a lot of bad beats and coolers), im back at the tables. Youll find me most of the times at the smaller tables, like 0.05 / o.10 and 0.10 / 0.25, because my bankroll needs to be rebuild.

In one week i managed to double up my 50 dollar bankroll to about 110 now, so im doing very good. I hope it will keep going this way and ill play higher stakes when i manager to get a bankroll of 200 dollar or higher...

Being in the blogger poker tour is also alot of fun and i hope ill do good in it

Bye Peet

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Who is ViezeMan?

Let me introduce myself!

Im Peter from Holland and im playing poker for about 2 years now. After 1 year of play money practice i decided to start playing real money. My first nickname op was 'Peetscheet', and i won quite some real money on it. But when i ran out of time to play poker, i cashed out all my money and let my dad use the account (it has 3 million play money on it).

But i really wanted to play poker again en i decided to create my own account named ViezeMan. After creating it, i got an coupon for the WPT seat tournament. AND I WON THE EVENT! But i actually couldnt make it to go there, so after a negotiation me and decided to trade the WPT seat to and Aussie Millions Seat! So Aussie millions here i come!

2 days after that huge win i ended up winning the 500 new depositors freeroll too!